PC-X500, Black Midi Tower, Dual Chamber + 380mm Short Depth Design, Hairline Brush Anodized Aluminum - ATX

LIAN LI PC-X500, Black Midi Tower, Dual Chamber + 380mm Short Depth Design, Hairline Brush Anodized Aluminum - ATX

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LIAN LI PC-A20 E-ATX Chassis (PC-A20) - black


LIAN LI PC-V351 Cube Chassis - Blue

LIAN LI PC-X500, Black Midi Tower, Dual Chamber + 380mm Short Depth Design, Hairline Brush Anodized Aluminum - ATX

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PC-X500, Black Midi Tower, Dual Chamber + 380mm Short Depth Design, Hairline Brush Anodized Aluminum, Dual -Layer Side Panel with Sound Dimmer Structure - ATX




Quality Lian Li has more than 20 years experience, and continued to develop the new technology, the product quality and design is outstanding. Lian Li persisted to make product in Taiwan, and uses the most outstanding material as well as the most advanced technical manufacture in order to provide modern art high-quality goods.

Lian Li put a lot of effect to bring out the quality of our products, there are hair-line brush finishing and with anodized on aluminum surfaces, and all the sharp edges has been removed.

In 2008, the new TYR series, with new style, new structure, and better quality! The whole internal has been anodized in black. There are also protection kit to protect users hand and cables. When come to users safety, all the detail counts.


Lian Li have always put a lot of effort on it's product with latest manufacture techniques. In some process, Lian Li still asserted in using hand craft to in certain steps in production. Because of some unique techniques can't be replace by machines, and it is how much effort Lian Li has put into it's product.

User Interface is very important key in Lian Li chassis. The external fixture, user interface, and the internal structure all has been test to meet Lian Lis high quality standard. 2008 Lian Li launched the new TYR series, PC-X2000, with all aluminum alloy chassis, round edge design with stylish look. PC-X2000 has hair-line brush anodized aluminum finishing with diamond cut detail.

The new TYR series, PC-X500 is the case which functionality and style converge.

Open the side panel with the tool-less latch, the removable HDD cages, 2 x120mm silent intake fans with filter, 2 x 120mm silent exhaust fans, and top mounted multi-media I/O ports have been redesigned because when it comes to your comfort, every detail counts


Rounded edge, unlike other chassis, using 1.5mm to 2mm thick aluminum panel formed to this unique design. The vents are at the side of the case, only one line of diamond cut detail on the front panel, to keep the design minimal.

TYR PC-X500 has multi-heat zones design to have better thermal solution and tidy up internal space.

Huge internal space fits ATX motherboard, and graphics card which up to 300mm long, and there are roomfor 4 hard drivers, optimized cooling performance of total 4 x 120mm cooling fans for best cooling performance.


TYR PC-X500 separated the system into three zones, allow batter air flow for better silent performance.

TYR PC-X500 using large size fans to improve the silent issue, there is two120mm fan in the front and the one 120mm fan at the rear feature low RPM with high air flow to get the best balance between silent and cooling

There are anti-vibration kits fitted in the chassis to stop the vibration which cause the noise.

There are sound insulation material on the internal side of the 2mm thick side panel to reduce the noise level.

The Front panel mounted with special made plastic kit, and avoid the metal parts to touch each other, and reduce the vibration noise.

There are anti-vibration rubber strip under the power supply unit to absorb the vibration.

The HDD mounted with anti-vibration kit, the rubber ring will reduce the vibration noise.

The aluminum case stand with rubber pad to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise.


TYR PC-X500 features multi-heat zone design, one zone one top holds two opticals, one floppy, four HDDs and a power supply unit. Lower part holds the motherboard, to separate the heat sources for better thermal solution.

There are 120mm intake fans(speed adjustable from1020-1200-1500RPM; factory set to mid speed)large size fan can run in slow RPM, but still can input a large amount of air to cool the system down.

There are two air intake vents at the side of the case, allow cold air to enter the case to cool the system down. There are air filter fitted with intake fans.

There is a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear of the case in the M/B zone(speed adjustable from 1020-1200-1500RPM; factory set to mid speed), it can remove the system hot air out of the case fast and run silently.

here are a 120mm exhuast fan at the rear of the Upper zone, and the fan speed can be adjust from 1020 to 1200 to 1500RPM, to remove the hot air out of the case.

TYR PC-X500 has fitted a three speed fan controller, user can adjust the fan speed to get the best balance between silent and cooling.

For professional users, TYR PC-X500 also support liquid cooling system, there are four openings at the rear for water tube to pass through.

Where air enter the chassis, there is a need for an air filter to hold the dust.

In the front there is a washable air filter, it can easy remove, no tool required, and it is recyclable.

TYR PC-X500 equipped a vented PCI bracket, it can improve the cooling issue at the lower part of the motherboard.

There are few openings on the motheboard tray to allow the air to cool the rear of the motherboard.


To release the solid side panel, simple just un-do the thrumb screw, and pull the latch. There is a hook for security lock.

There are two modular HDD cage, simple un-do the thumb screw, and silde the HDD out, mount the HDD with anti-vibration kit.

There are openings on the panel between different layers, Lian Li has fitted a protection kit to avoid sharp edge damage user's hand or cut the wires.

To install the power supply unit into TYR X-500 is easy, just slide the power supply unit throguh the opening at the rear of the case, and there are room for 180mm long power supply. If user need more space, there is a power supply extension kit.

User can choose where their optical facing to, there are opening for 5.25" and 3.5" at the right and left hand side of the case.

There are multi-meida I/O ports on the top of the case, allow for easy access, and total of four USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, HD+AC97 audio jack, and one E-SATA port under the dust-free cover.

Both HD Audio and AC97 Audio are supported for better compatibility.

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