V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black

LIAN LI V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black

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  • V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black

LIAN LI PC-V600FB Mini Tower Chassis - Black


LIAN LI T1 T1R Test Bench Chassis - Red

LIAN LI V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black

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V354 PC-V354B Mini Tower Chassis - Black - Micro ATX, Mini DTX & Mini ITX, Aluminium, 1 x 5.25 inch, 7 x 3.5 inch internal



Lian Li PC-V354 Mini Tower Chassis

Lian Li - The Ultimate Craft

  • Quality is one of the key elements of Lian Li’s products. Lian Li has been manufacturing in Taiwan for more than 20 years and through continual self revision has ensured that the product’s quality meets Lian Li’s high quality workmanship standards. Lian Li manufactures each unit of Lian Li product with precision and care. They are then distributed to worldwide channels where many leading media have applauded and awarded Lian Li for both innovative and decisive designs, featuring good looks, and exemplary performance.

  • The Mini-Q PC-V354 carries the standard of Lian Li’s quality requirement, all the sharp edges had been removed to protect user’s hand. The chassis is made of 1.5mm aluminum alloy panel to ensure product’s durability and all external parts are hair-line brush anodized aluminum in keeping with Lian Li’s classical style.

LIAN LI - Excellent Design

  • A Good Design is to make the life simpler, not complicate it. The PC-V354 is in minimalism style, it is a combination of art and technology.

  • The clean shape of PC-V354 with rounded edge can be fit with interior decoration easily. The hair-lined anodized aluminum exterior dress up with blue and red back-lighted power and reset buttons. The design of PC-V354 is to be as simple as possible, the exterior of the case is also the structure of the chassis.

Lian Li Fine Craftmanship Product

  • To ensure user can put everything together easily, Lian Li designer decided to use only standard PC component inside the PC-V354, standard Mini-ITX motherboard, standard 5.25” optical drive, standard 3.5” hard drives, standard ATX PS/2 power supply units and standard graphics card. The parts are easy to get on current market, and it would be easy to upgrade and server in the future.

  • The HDD mounting cage at botton of case is removeable, allow user adding in standard graphics card, Maximum Video Card Size up to 350mm.

  • PC-V354 supports up to seven of 3.5" HDDs, The modular HDD cage can be removed, simply un-do the thumb screw,ideal for easy HDD installation and services.

Silent Performance

  • The Chassis is made of 1.5mm aluminum alloy panel, The thick and solid chassis has no vibration problem. To reduce the size of the PC-V354, the side panel are secured with screws, it also reduce the vibration, and lower the noise level.

  • The 3.5” hard drive mounted with tool-less thumb screw with shock-absorption rubber ring, to reduce the noise.

  • The aluminum case stand with rubber pad to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise.

  • The fans rack on the front panel are mounted with Lian Li’s anti-vibration design; the rubber ring grommet absorbs the vibration, keeping the case silent.

  • The Power Supply has rubber pads for both insulation and support. Also secure the PSU without scratching the painted surface.

Thermal Solution

  • There arw two 120mm intake blue LED fans on PC-V354, The fan can output high air flow volume with lower RPM to push the cold air through the HDD rack.

  • The 140mm fan on the top cover exhaust the hot air out from the system. The front and the top fans cover the whole motherboard, and they can remove the heat fast.

  • There are vents on the PCI slots, provids extra cooling to graphics card.

User Friendly Design

  • Multi-media port connectors follow international specification standards, with one connector for easy installation.

  • New USB3.0 ports, Audio supports HD Audio on the front cover. The dual design is for better compatibility options, allow for easy access.

  • The installation of 3.5” hard drive require no tool at all, with the latest Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD mounting system, mount the hard drive with thumb screws, and slide it into the cage.

  • The fan on the front panel is mounted with special screws with rubber ring suspension grommets. allow easy access and removal of the fan for cleaning or service.

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